Japan’s New ‘Levitating’ Train Broke The Speed Record This Week… Again

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Japans New Levitating Train Broke The Speed Record This Week... Again 178

Japans maglev train doesn’t have any wheels, and kind of looks like a platypus. Despite that, it has just travelled at a world speed record of 374mph. Insane.

The driverless ‘levitating’ train uses magnets instead of wheels. I’m not entirely sure the exact science behind that, but it obviously works very well.

A test in central Japan saw the maglev train travelling down the route it will be taking when it opens, which connects Tokyo with Nagoya. It hit 374mph and went at that speed for 11 seconds… managing to covering over a mile in that short time.

Last week, it travelled at 366mph, which beat the previous records of 361mph, so who knows how fast it will be going in 2027, which is when the service is planned to open properly.

The Eurostar travels at a top speed of 187mph, so when you look at it that way, it’s curently exactly twice as fast. Crazy.