Jared Leto And Mark Ruffalo Attended New York Comic Con In Disguise

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Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo crashed New York Comic Con this weekend, but nobody actually knew it was them.

Exploiting the full-costume and cosplay atmosphere of the event, both Leto and Ruffalo donned some fairly creepy masks in order to travel around incognito.


And, despite being two of the biggest names in comic-book movies (Leto playing the Joker in next year’s Suicide Squad movie and Ruffalo playing the Hulk in The Avengers) they went completely unnoticed, only revealing their entertaining ruse in posts on their Instagram pages.

Leto donned a mandrill mask (sort of like Rafiki from the Lion King but more terrifying), while Ruffalo hid his face with a particularly creepy Luigi costume.

They both managed to snag selfies with various comic book fans, although Leto got the best of the bunch, posing alongside a kid dressed as The Joker who had absolutely no idea he was standing next to the future Joker himself.

#NYCC they had no idea :)

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Had a great time at #comiccon2015 NYC! Thanks ComicCon for the Hospitality.

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Got to hide out and enjoy #comiccon2015

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Good work, boys!