Jay Z Isn’t Happy That People Think Tidal Is Flopping

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Jay Z doesn’t tweet much, so he must have really been bothered by the recent claims that his new streaming service, Tidal, is flopping hard.

If you hadn’t already noticed, Tidal is Jay’s brand new music streaming platform that he hopes will rival the likes of Spotify and even iTunes.

And the rapper slash businessman took to the social network this weekend to share some of his thoughts on his latest venture and did his best to highlight that it most certainly isn’t doing as bad as people are making out.

Hov bought Tidal from Swedish company, Aspiro, earlier in the year for the tidy price of $56 million (£37m) – but there was a lack of interest for it when it was relaunched at the end of March.

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The music platform costs twice as much as Spotify for its full-service package and also uses larger file-sizes than it – so the critical feedback hasn’t been much of a surprise.

But what was a surprise, was the mount of tweets the usually quiet media mogul dedicated to his beloved new company…