Jealous Guy Forces Girlfriend To Double In Size So She Doesn’t Attract Other Men

By : Alex Bentley |


(Not the people in this story, I could’t find pics of them… Deal with it.)

Jealousy is a very natural thing in a relationship. It’s probably healthy. Like, if I had a girlfriend and she didn’t give the slightest of shites… I’d worry why. But there’s a healthy amount, then there’s making your girl eat until she is double her body weight, just to stop other guys admiring her.

This is a weird one. You Pan from China goes a tad far, though.

He made his missus, Yan Tai, double her bodyweight in order to deter any male attention. Sound.


He spent loads of money fattening her up. She was 100lbs when they met, and when they got married, she weighed in at 190lbs, and was barely recognisable. Hewaited until she was massive to propose, the romantic sod.

She obviously loves the guy to go through with it, and accepted his marriage proposal, so you know, perhaps he knows something I don’t.

I do know however, that I do quite like a girl with a slightly larger frame, so if I ever go to China, I’m going to find them and flirt with her like mad. Enjoy that You Pan.


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