Jeremy Clarkson COULD Return To BBC If He Admits Fault, According To Insider

By : Rebecca Knight |


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It was the news we had all been waiting for. According to one BBC insider, Jeremy Clarkson could return to his role on Top Gear and by extension the BBC, if he is willing to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Now that might be easier said than done for the egotistical presenter but with the masses of support on social media and from the general public for the presenter, the BBC seem to have decided cutting their losses with the star may be a foolish move.

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Clarkson has been filmed trashing the BBC in recent days but that does not seem to matter to the corporation who are desperate to draw a line in the sand under the whole messy debacle – and will require Clarkson to play ball if they want that to happen and there have been signs of that after he claimed the rant filmed on Thursday was ‘just in jest’.

The Beeb seem to think it may be a good idea for the 54 year old to enter rehab although quite what he thinks of that is debatable indeed – but fans want Top Gear back with the petition to reinstate Clarkson now reaching one million, they want Clarkson back and we do pay our TV licence fee to see such things after all.

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