Jericho The Lion May Not Be Dead After All, He Isn’t Cecil’s Brother

By : Rebecca Knight |


UGfY4L8Svjeri fb.jpgCNN

When news broke that Cecil the Lion’s brother, Jericho, had been shot dead by poachers during an illegal hunt, only days after his brother met the same fate, people were outraged.

Now it seems that Jericho may not be dead after all, as increasingly conflicted reports emerge in the media, some claiming the lion is alive, and others even going as far as to say he isn’t Cecil’s brother at all – at least in terms of a blood relation, instead being a coalition partner.

While people would have been interested in Jericho’s fate either way, the fact he stepped up to look after Cecil’s cubs and protect them made people take him to their hearts even more.


After the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority released a photo of Jericho running with the pride at 7.06am on Sunday morning, claiming he is alive and well, it seems that there could be a happy ending to the saga after all.

The lion is reportedly fine, and being monitored by the Lion Research Project.

Jericho may well be alive, but the fact of the matter is, plenty of endangered animals are not, and illegal hunting needs to stop.