John Cena Has Granted More Make-A-Wish Dreams Than Anyone Else

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If you’re anti-wrestling, you’re probably not a big fan of John Cena. But he’s a bloody good bloke.


The WWE legend is that much of a good bloke, he’s granted more Make-A-Wish Foundation dreams than anyone else. Over 400 and counting.

Cena is a man who cares about the fans, and his commitment to granting wishes to the disadvantaged children that look up to him has made him one of the most respected men in the industry.


Speaking about him, Make-A-Wish spokesman Josh deBerge said:

He is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I think the thing that can’t be forgotten, in the 400 wishes that John has granted, is that John realizes the impact of a wish come true.

It’s not just a moment for these kids, but it’s something they can look forward and something they can reflect on afterwards.

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And while Cena is hated week in week out by the ‘Cena Sucks!’ wrestling fans, he’s loved by almost every young kid who attends – and he never thinks twice about breaking character to greet them.


Top bloke.