Jurassic World’s Latest Stunt Leaves Transport Crate For ‘Predatory Livestock’ In Middle Of Waterloo

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Jurassic Worlds Latest Stunt Leaves Transport Crate For Predatory Livestock In Middle Of Waterloo jurass webAd Week

Commuters everywhere were left stunned when walking through London’s Waterloo station after seeing a transport crate for ‘predatory livestock’

The crate was for Jurassic World’s fictional InGen Technologies (obviously) and was just stood in the middle of London’s Waterloo Station, with the stunt the latest thing Universal Pictures are planning as part of their promotional efforts for the up and coming film, and this has really taken it up a couple of gears.

The pictures took social media by storm and shot right to the top of Reddit as well, not that a crate claiming it was carrying ‘predatory livestock’ wasn’t always going to do that.

Jurassic World is set to hit screens on June 12th and looks like being a summer box office smash.


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