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Spice is a synthetic cannabis substitute popular with prisoners (as it won’t come up on a drug test), people who are worried about getting arrested for smoking weed and people who can’t get hold of the real thing. Here’s a couple of things you should know if you’re thinking of smoking it:

1) It is legal but that certainly doesn’t mean it is safe to consume.
2) Don’t.

It comes as a herbal material which has been sprayed with a nasty and dangerous substance which is somewhat chemically similar to one of the psychoactive ingredients in weed – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The issue is that there has been over 5000 years documented use of cannabis (we only decided it was a problem in the last 100 years) and we pretty much know the dangers of using it. This stuff is brand new and nobody has a clue of the long term effects of its use.

Last Wednesday five students from Lancaster University were rushed to hospital after allegedly ingesting the substance. Worried welfare officers at the institution and the Lancashire Constabulary released this joint (excuse the pun) statement:

While full forensic tests will now be carried out to try to establish exactly what the substance was, at this stage we cannot confirm whether any criminal offences which have been committed.

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It seems like another case of people mistakenly thinking that just because a recreational drug is legal it’s safe. Alcohol is legal but if you abuse the drug it will literally destroy you: socially, psychologically and physically. No recreational drug is safe but spice may be proving to be one of the most dangerous.