Justin Bieber Admits He’s A Virgin In ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game

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Madonna and Justin Bieber played a game of ‘never have I ever’ whilst on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where both their sexual experiences were ‘revealed’. And it turns out Bieber’s a virgin and Madonna’s slept with two people in one night.

Ellen DeGeneres thought it would be a good idea to play every students favourite drinking game to find out everything about one another with two of the biggest popstars in the world.

Everyone knows that you play it to find out each other sexual history, but Madonna was surprised every question was about sex. That didn’t stop her revealing she’s had a fondle in a toilet and has casual phone sex, it seems she’s a lot more experienced than Bieber.

Although they both have done stuff whilst other people were in the room and have forgotten the names of the people they were doing ‘stuff’ with. Madonna seemed very impressed with this, whilst also hinting to Bieber she has ‘no age limits’.

Then it was Madonna’s turn to ask a question… ‘Never have I ever had *coughs* sex with more than two people in one day.’ She stated she had with no shame, whilst Justin attempted to claim he was a virgin: ‘I want to make it special for my wife’, which neither Ellen or Madonna believed.