Justin Bieber Faces $1 Million Bill After Egging Neighbour’s House

By : Rebecca Knight |


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He is a bit of a dick – in fact, he is an almighty dick, and now Justin Bieber could be set to face an almighty bill from one of his neighbours and all because he wanted to have a bit of fun.

Sadly for Bieber’s neighbour, his definition of fun involves egging your house – and now Jeff Schwartz is considering suing the mega wealthy singer for a massive one million in compensation.

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The actual egging took place back in 2013 and Bieber was slapped with an $80,000 fine at the time and two years probation but after being abused and seeing his business suffer because of this, Schwartz is preparing to take action once again.

Bieber is fast being known as the neighbour from hell and even the very mild minded Emmy Rossum had few good things to say about him when interviewed.