Justin Bieber Finally Speaks Out About Those Nude Photos

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Justin Bieber has finally opened up about those penis pics, admitting he felt “super violated” after the internet was awash with images of his wang.

The popstar was infamously snapped in the buff while on holiday in Bora Bora earlier this month and, in a new interview with Access Hollywood, the 21-year-old admitted he was shocked when the photos of him in the buff became an internet sensation.


However, after initially being all like “What do you mean?” about the photos, Bieber admitted he wasn’t happy about the invasion of privacy.


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Speaking to host Billy Bush, he said:

My first thing was like, how can they do this? Like, I feel super violated. Like, I feel like I can’t step outside and feel like I can go outside naked. You should feel comfortable in your own space – especially that far away.


Despite the embarrassment though, the 21-year-old still managed to make a joke about the unfortunate situation, adding: “That was shrinkage for me”. Yeah, that’s what they all say, Justin…

Justin’s full interview with Access Hollywood will air on Monday, just in case you’re curious to know more about Bieber’s dick.


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