Justin Bieber In Talks To Appear On The WWE And Actually Wrestle

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Justin Bieber In Talks To Appear On The WWE And Actually Wrestle Bieber wwe 640x361WWE

Controversial popstar Justin Bieber was reportedly in talks to make an appearance at WWE Summerslam last year, and it could still happen in the future.

Former WWE creative team member and wrestling blogger David Eckz revealed there were plans in place for Bieber to appear in the ring last year.

The company were planning for Bieber to team with WWE stars John Cena and Big Show to work a pro-wrestling match against the Wyatt Family at the August show.

Writing on his blog, Eckz said:

Everyone knows that pop star Justin Bieber is a member of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage. What isn’t known is that Bieber, who was seen walking to the ring with Mayweather for the boxer’s fight against Manny Pacquiao Saturday night, was interested in stepping into a WWE ring last summer to make his wrestling debut.

The idea was that Bieber would team with John Cena and Big Show to face the Wyatt Family in a six-man tag match that would have headlined SummerSlam in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber In Talks To Appear On The WWE And Actually Wrestle Wyatts 640x361Wikipedia

The proposed match was discussed among the booking team (which I was on) about five months before SummerSlam, but a deal with Bieber never came to fruition. I’m not sure how close it was to actually happening.

Bieber is a friend of boxer Floyd Mayweather, who himself worked a WWE match with Big Show at Wrestlemania 24 in 2008.

Eckz noted in the blog that he had concerns about the match as he felt Bieber “would have been booed unmercifully by the WWE audience” which wouldn’t have done top hero John Cena (who is divisive enough as it is) any favours.

This may not be the last we hear of Bieber in WWE, however. Eckz added:

On a side note, it’s interesting that Bieber’s name was mentioned on Raw last week, as Kane referred to Seth Rollins as the ‘Justin Bieber of WWE.’ It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see Bieber do something with WWE at some point.

Love him or hate him, I think we’d all enjoy seeing Justin Bieber chokeslammed by a giant.