This Is How Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Made Her Famous

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This Is How Kim Kardashians Sex Tape Made Her Famous Paper magazinePaper Magazine

A new biography of Kim Kardashian has revealed that the sex tape that made her famous was manipulated by a porn baron friend to make her a superstar.

When her sex tape leaked back in 2006, Kim tried to sue the porn company Vivid, who were threatening to leak it. She then turned to her friend Joe Francis, who had made his fortune getting drunk girls to flash their boobs in the Girls Gone Wild franchise, The Sun reports.

Francis knew Steve Hirsch, the boss of Vivid, so he was able to get all parties round the table to negotiate. He managed to secure both Kim and Ray J, her ex-boyfriend who features in the film, £220,000 each. She also received a cut from all copies sold, turning her into a millionaire.


And that’s not the only time the Kardashians have manipulated there way to stardom.

Kris Jenner revealed how after the first three series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, people were bored of the families seemingly unrelatable first world problems.

Then when Kourtney Kardashian revealed she was pregnant for the first time she saw an opportunity to revive the show – marriages, divorces, births and fertility struggles, these are the things people could relate to.

This Is How Kim Kardashians Sex Tape Made Her Famous

From then on their lives became carefully choreographed within the media. They would confirm snippets of information, but ultimately they’d save the big drama for the show, hooking viewers, as BuzzFeed reports.

This media savvy approach to their family has helped to transform them into the internationally recognisable brand they are today.

Well, they definitely make more money than they would flipping burgers at McDonald’s.


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