Katie Hopkins Calls Glaswegians ‘Sweaty Jocks’ For Ebola Patient Decision

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


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Katie Hopkins has a horrifically ugly face, that is a vehicle for her mouth. And that mouth has been an absolute c*nt. Again.

The outspoken ‘TV personality’ took to Twitter today following the breaking news that a Glasgow hospital is now home to an Ebola patient. But the decision to move that patient to London, where she can be better treated, really didn’t sit well with Katie.

After the month Scotland has had, I doubt this is going to go down well. Emotions are high in the country at the moment after the tragic bin lorry accident, and this breaking news yesterday topped off a month most Scottish people will want to forget.

But as always, Hopkins has decided to capitalise on an already sensitive situation. Offering a highly offensive outburst to a country that probably won’t take it lying down.

But at least one thing has come from this. Probably the first time in history we’ve agreed with Piers Morgan.

She may be a successful troll. But it’s going to seriously bite her back one day.