Katie Hopkins Offered $1 Million To Release Sex Tape

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Katie Hopkins Offered $1 Million To Release Sex Tape 1118

Television X have offered Katie Hopkins £1 million to release her sex tape.

The professional gobshite has been the target of hackers recently, and Television X are making the offer for her to get her sex tape out there before hackers release it anyway.

They’re even offering her full editorial oversight of the video, so she will be seen in the best light possible. The best light presumably being no light. Complete darkness.

Television X said in a statement:

It is vital Katie releases the tape with Television X if she is going to beat this act of cyber terrorism.

It is Katie’s body, and it should be up to her how people see her in this tape. We urge her to accept our offer and be proud of her sexuality.

Katie’s Twitter account was hacked the other day, people the hackers promising to release her tape. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if the attention whore made the posts herself. It’s been a good few days since she last opened her vile mouth.

It’s not actually been confirmed if such a tape even exists, but as she got photographed having sex in broad daylight with another persons husband… It wouldn’t be the biggest surprise.

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Be completely honest…

I have a terribly morbid curiosity, but I also have limits. I have watched some disgusting things on the internet over the years, but I don’t think I could ever stoop this low!


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