Keith Martin The World’s Fattest Man Dies At 44

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It was announced last night that the world’s fattest man, Keith Martin, died of pneumonia back in March.

You might remember Keith Martin him from the Channel 5 documentary 70 Stone and Almost Dead, but we’re sad to report that he has passed away.

His BMI was 155, compared to the 18.5 to 24.9 that is healthy for a man his age. If your BMI is anything over 30 then you are classified as obese, but Martin’s was 155, more than triple that of an obese person.

He weighed 70 stone when he was at his heaviest but he did make an attempt to lose weight when doctors said he wouldn’t have long to live if he didn’t change.

The head surgeon who operated on Martin in an attempt to save his life, said: “In Keith’s case, it’s a shame because he’d had successful surgery despite being high-risk because of his size. It was unlucky he then caught pneumonia.

“Bariatric surgery can be a very good thing for the people who need it.

“We can’t ignore they are here and they need help. Once a patient hits a BMI of 30-35 it is extremely difficult for them to lose weight on their own. If they are not treated they can require a lot of medical help which can be very costly.”