Kid Manages To Use Toy €100 Note In Northern Irish Sandwich Shop

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You know how offended you get when a shop worker inspects your £20 note closely, then with a weird pen thing, then a light, then a magnifying glass, then tastes it, then tells their co-worker that there’s “twenty pound going in”… It’s to avoid stuff like this happening.

The Newry Times in Northern Ireland reports that Police posted a story on Facebook about a fake €100 note being used in a sandwich shop, and being accepted.

I say fake… Look at the picture.

Kid Manages To Use Toy €100 Note In Northern Irish Sandwich Shop 100euro

It’s from the kids toy shop, Early Learning Centre!

Police have announced that they are treating the incident as ‘tendering counterfeit currency’.

So why do we have it in an evidence bag I hear you query? Well it’s in an evidence bag because it’s evidence. Evidence of the offence of tendering counterfeit currency.

I know, I know a kids play note counterfeit currency. Well believe it or not this was actually accepted as payment recently in business premises in Newry.

You know when you play Monopoly and somebody says “Imagine if this was real money!” EVERY time… Well now, it just might be.

[Via Newry Times]