Kim Jong-un Claims To have Discovered A Miracle Cure For AID’s, Sars And Ebola

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Kim Jong un Claims To have Discovered A Miracle Cure For AIDs, Sars And Ebola 1101

The Korean leader with a killer fade is far more than just a dictator that looks at things. He’s also a top scientist.


Jong-un claims that he has succeeded where many top scientists and researchers before him have failed, and found a cure for AID’s.

Not only that, but the cure also works for Sars, Ebola and Mers. Quite the miracle drug.


He has been working with his top scientists to develop ‘Kumdang-2’, the cure made of ginseng, and other secret ingredients that they refuse to reveal. This is the same drug that North Korea claims cured bird flu both in 06 and 13.

Kim Jong un Claims To have Discovered A Miracle Cure For AIDs, Sars And Ebola 226

This report has come out while South Korea is fighting an outbreak of respiratory disease Mers, which has killed two dozen people, along with an outbreak in Thailand, which has left half the staff of a hospital in quarantine.

North Korea is in the middle of it’s worst drought in a century, so many media commentators believe that this news is being released to distract attention away from their major problem. A third of the countries rice paddies are drying out and the UN has warned of an imminent food shortage.

It’s quite difficult to believe that this miracle cure is real, but when it’s somebody that hit 11 holes-in-one the first time they played golf, learned to drive aged 3, and climbed the countries highest mountain in just his black overcoat – Anything is possible.