Kim Jong-un Has ‘Climbed’ The Highest Mountain In North Korea

By : Sam Ridgway |



North Korean news outlets are claiming that their supreme leader Kim Jong-un has just climbed the highest mountain in the country.

Photos of the leader show him atop of the mountain with his typical black coat on – not climbing gear – watching the sunset while getting battered by high winds.

His father, the late Kim Jong-Il, is said by the state to have been born on the very same mountain, but many historians claim he was actually born in Russia.


Reports say that Kim reached the 2,750-metre peak of Mount Paektu alongside hundreds of fighter pilots and government officials.

According to the Rodong newspaper, he said to the troops: “Climbing Mount Paektu provides precious mental pabulum more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon.”

Only recently, it was claimed that the supreme leader was driving cars by the time he was just three-years-old and that in his first ever game of golf, his father racked up 11 holes-in-one.


This family do not do things by halves.


BBC Newsbeat