Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Is Breaking Pornhub

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As we all know Kim Kardashian rose to fame for no reason other than the sex tape she made with Ray J. Now, in light of all the recent coverage and publicity, the amount of people watching that sex tape has gone through the roof.

This infographic shows just how much the views have escalated in light of recent evens surrounding Kardashian’s life.

Kim Kardashians Sex Tape Is Breaking Pornhub kim kardashian breaks pornhub info graphic

In the two days after Paper magazine published the images of her that we all know and love, the pictures of her started trending on the internet. The amount of people searching for her on Pornhub increased by 629% in America and 558% worldwide. The searches spiked again following new images of her full-frontal nudity pictures.

This topped any other event that would influence Pornhub users by miles.

Clearly people wanted to know what all the hype was about.