Labour Leader Ed Miliband Has A Devoted Fandom Of Teenage Girls

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Labour Leader Ed Miliband has developed a cult following from the most unlikely of groups.

You’ve probably heard of Beliebers and Directioners, the super devoted teen girls fans of Justin Bieber and One Direction. The latest object of this kind of ‘fandom’ is none other than the Prime Ministerial hopeful.

The ‘Milifandom’ – which started just last week – is gaining significant momentum under the guidance of 17-year-old student, and Ed Miliband enthusiast, Abby.

Abby has over 14,000 followers on Twitter and, even though she isn’t yet old enough to vote in the upcoming General Election, she’s leading a group of young and enthusiastic Miliband admirers. And it’s taking the internet by storm! If you were wondering, this is what ‘Milifandom’ looks like:

Abby explained her obsession with the Leader of the Opposition, telling Buzzfeed:

We just want to change opinions so people don’t just see the media’s usual distorted portrayal of him – and actually see him for who he is.

Ed is just a great guy and how many other politicians have a fandom? 0. We’re just waiting for him to acknowledge it bc it’s kinda sad when he only ever sees people write mean things about him.

The Labour Party seem thrilled with all the attention, stating:

“We didn’t see this coming, if you’re fired up about Ed, changing Britain, and making your voice heard, we’d love you to be on the team.

It didn’t take long for the Tories to launch their own counter attack on this significant political issue, claiming the Prime Minister has his own devoted following known as the ‘Cameronettes’.

Their attempt to jump on the bandwagon, however, has proved less successful. Probably because the Conservative Party aren’t Ed Milibae af.


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