Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Loses Seat To 20-Year-Old SNP Student

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Labours Shadow Foreign Secretary Loses Seat To 20 Year Old SNP Student fb snp1

Douglas Alexander, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary and Ed Miliband’s election chief lost his seat last night to 20-year-old SNP student Mhairi Black.

Ms Black is now the youngest MP in Parliament and the youngest since 1667. She beat the Labour candidate by 5,684 votes, and was able to overturn a huge 16,000 majority.

Mr Alexander admitted Scotland’s voters have lost trust in the Labour party, which had started the campaign defending 41 seats, eventually losing 40.

Speaking after the election, he said:

This has been a very difficult night for Labour. Scotland has chosen to oppose this Conservative government, but not placed its trust in the Labour Party. It will be our responsibility to re-win that trust in the months and years ahead.

The odds were heavily stacked against SNP’s Mhairi Black winning the Paisley and Renfrewshire South sea. Hours before the count, Mr Alexander had believed he had survived, but the results showed that many Tory voters had failed to make a tactical, anti-nationalist switch to back Labour against the SNP.

Ms Black said:

The fact is that people have woken up to the fact that Westminster has not been serving them and the Labour party has not been serving them.


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