Lad Blags His Way Into MayPac Fight, Gets Ringside VIP Treatment

By : Sam Ridgway |


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This 24-year-old had the time of his life in Las Vegas when he got to experience the highest level of VIP for the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao.

Steve Carruthers is an absolute legend for his antics in Vegas last weekend. The business graduate from Hull managed to blend into Leonardo DiCaprio’s entourage after waiting for them outside the MGM Grand hotel hours before the fight, then found himself casually mingling with the likes of Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and Paris Hilton.

He even got himself down to ringside before the bell finally chimed for the fight of the century, but not before getting photos with the two fighters themselves.

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However, his luck almost ran out when he managed to get backstage after the fight. Mingling in with a group of journalists he floated past security teams with a notepad and pen under his arm. But when he eventually asked Mayweather for an autograph, he gave himself away to one of the security personnel.

However, Steve’s middle name must be ‘jammiest t*at in the world’, because seconds before he was about to be turfed out of the venue, Mayweather turned to security and said “I got him”, before inviting him to his press conference and posing for a selfie. Brilliant.

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Speaking about the situation, Steve said:

I was outside and I saw Leo DiCaprio – he had a cap on and his sunglasses and head down so that nobody recognised him, but I did and followed him in.

I just walked in with him to the ballroom after tagging on with about six of his entourage. He went straight to the bar and that was where he took off his cap.

He said he didn’t do photos but he was really polite and shook my hand. He went towards ringside so I just followed him in there and that was where I met loads of people and took a selfie with Mark Wahlberg. He was really nice and did a shout out on my phone.

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We played, Steve! I wouldn’t try it again, though. Your photo is probably now on the wall of every security room in the MGM.


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