Lad Cheating On Three Different Girls Gets Confronted By Them All




This is Steven Fisher from Herts, and he’s been caught out big time.

The 20-year-old had apparently been playing three different girls at once. Becky, 17, Lizzie, 19 and a girl that doesn’t want to be named.

It all started when he went on holiday, and Becky discovered he had been cheating on her. Upon finding out, she decided to get both of his ‘mistresses’ together, where they planned to surprise him at the airport on his return home. Brilliant.

And they did just that…

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Charlie had told the girls he was going to see family in Germany. While he was away the girls met in a pub to compare notes, and discovered he had been using excuses he was seeing friends or family when he was actually seeing one of them.

As he came out through customs, all three girls called his name.

Becky said: ‘He froze and looked at us. He said: “Why are you here? Why would you do this?”

‘We were like “Are you joking?” ‘I said to him: “I can’t believe how you could be like this for seven months.”‘

Lizzie said: ‘He came out of customs and saw all of us and his face just dropped. We said we wanted to talk to him, and he said “Can’t I talk to you later?” and we said no, we wanted to talk to him now.

Charlie then headed towards the car park with his grandmother, who had come to collect him.


Moral of the story? Not all people called Charlie can live like Charlie Sheen.