This Lad Dangles From A Bridge Just A Year After Falling From One And Damaging His Spine

By : Alex Bentley |



This lad has got some serious gonads!

If I ever fell off a bridge, which thankfully I haven’t yet, I would be terrified of walking across them ever again. I’m already shit with heights.

But daredevil/nutcase Matt Adams doesn’t care.

He was hospitalised with a shattered spine when he fell 30ft from a bridge just over a year ago, and was told by doctors that he would never climb again. But he did.

229 Matt was bedridden for six weeks, with his spinal injuries, as well as broken wrists, ankles and feet.

He dangled over 8 lanes of traffic from the bridge in Belgium, hanging on to his mate Danny Batchelor’s arm.

Matt said:

Doctors telling me I may never walk again, and my mum telling me she didn’t want me climbing at all, has just pushed me onwards to newer and greater heights.

Rather you than me, Matt. I feel weird just looking at the picture.


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