Lad To Run As Giant Pair Of Hairy Testicles In London Marathon

By : Charlie Martin |



A blue-eyed pair of bollocks are set to take the track.

Jack Woodward will run the 26-mile London Marathon sweating his bollocks off, literally. Although Jack’s idea is hilarious, the story behind it is to raise awareness for testicular cancer – and we are fully behind it.

Jack’s friend Rob Harris died of the disease after complaining he felt ill and went to the doctors. He was told he only had a chest infection, but his condition worsened. Southampton General hospital eventually diagnosed him with cancer, but he sadly died a month later.

Jack stated:

I want to highlight that people should be more aware of their bodies and make sure they check themselves regularly.

We really want to get this message across and hope by running in the costume that more people will notice the cause and think about the message.

What a great way to raise awareness, it’ll really get the message out there and be instantly recognisable.

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Good luck, Jack!