Lad With Down’s Syndrome Finally Lands Job

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wilsons Lad With Downs Syndrome Finally Lands Job

A lad with down’s syndrome has found his first job after a hashtag went viral in support of his desire for work.


Ben Small, 26, was offered a job at Wilson’s Cafe in Liverpool after Lloyd and Kelly wilson saw the appeal and responded. And he started his first shift there over weekend.

When arriving for it, he asked three questions. Can he have free toast, does he get a dinner and when is the next staff party. Brilliant.

wilsons2 Lad With Downs Syndrome Finally Lands Job

The #GiveBenAJob campaign saw him bombarded with job offers, but he set his heart on Wilson’s and will work there on weekends.


His stepmother Fiona Hodge is the one responsible for the campaign. The 46-year-old sent a tweet out that quickly gained some traction, and before she knew it, his story was going viral.

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Speaking about the job, the 46-year-old said:

It’s a Saturday job initially, but he’s hoping to do up to the 16 hours he’s permitted to work eventually. We’re going to build up to it.

We don’t want to overwhelm Ben in his first week, but he might eventually want to find more work and be self-sufficient like anyone else.

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Ben’s father said when they went to meet Lloyd before he started work, they got on like a house on fire and ‘were like best of friends’.

Awesome story. We wish Ben the best of luck!