Lads Using Terrible Rap Lyrics On Tinder Is Now A Thing

By : Sam Ridgway |



Since Tinder became one of the biggest dating apps in the entire world it was inevitable that people were going to basically troll the shit out of it.

From the abundance of fake accounts, to the different ways in which to open a convo with your matches, it seems a large percentage of the Tinder population are just there for a laugh.

And why not? It’s a lot more entertaining than “ASL?” “WUU2” “U OK?”

And it seems the latest craze, specifically among lads within the UK’s battle rap community (more specifically, fans of Don’t Flop Entertainment), is to introduce yourself to girls on Tinder by using the most reached for metaphorical ‘rap lyrics’ possible.

Take Lil’ Wayne for example.. “All about my riches, my name should be Richard..” Yeah, you get the idea.

This one is actually impressive, tbh.

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Fucking remarkable.

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Appallingly bad, but the Wealdstone Raider gets an honourable mention..

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Erm, Part II.

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