Learn How To Take The Perfect Selfie At A London College

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If you’re applying for a job and you want to stand out from the other candidates, why not take this course so you can be a qualified ‘selfie taker’? That’s something to make your CV stand out.

‘The Art of Self Portraiture’ is a four part course available to partake at the City Lit College in London. The course costs just £132 (£106 for seniors — brilliant) yet it is not specified how long each session will last.

Amateur photographers will be given the opportunity to learn about lighting, flattering angles and the course will also explore theories of ‘identity, self-hood and memory’.

You will also learn about how to ‘explain ideas of space, place and surroundings issues.’ Sounds deep, which is ironic considering how shallow selfies are. ZING.

Something else you should bare in mind when considering your options is that the £132 tuition fee does not include a selfie stick. Sorry. I’m guessing course tutors see them as the devil or something.

Our advice is, if you want to take a selfie as good as the guy below, you’re probably better off spending your time studying science. Because this is the only type of selfie we want to see.