Legalisation Of Weed Spreads As Alaska Becomes Third State To Do It

By : Sam Ridgway |



The legalisation of weed is on the rise at the moment with Alaska now becoming the third U.S. state to fully legalise it.

The new marijuana law officially went into effect today, which means that recreational marijuana is now a legal substance in three states. Oregon is also believed to be introducing it in July.

People who live in Alaska will now be able to smoke the drug in their own homes and grow up to six plants. And if you’re pulled over for a faulty break light with a bag of the smelly in your pocket, you’re not going go get into trouble. Unless you’ve been smoking and driving, which will also probably be on the rise now the new law has passed.


Any actual consumption of the drug in public is still illegal and you’ll be handed a $100 spot fine if caught doing so.

Come July, up to five states in the USA will have legalised the drug as it becomes more and more accepted worldwide. But do you think the USA will be the only country to do so? Or will we see it over in Britain at some point?

[via Time]