Leonardo DiCaprio Has Joined Tinder, Is Looking For Fun Apparently

By : Rebecca Knight |



Dating is hard enough, but I feel sorry for guys on Tinder right now after seeing that Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently joined the dating site.

The Hollywood megastar and activist is apparently on the dating site under the name ‘Leonard’ (inventive we know) and while it doesn’t really have the same ring to it as Leonardo does, the pictures will probably do the talking for him, if people take them seriously that is.


DiCaprio is known for his bachelor ways and is not the only celeb on Tinder, with the ever reliable Star Magazine claiming that the rich and famous simply like going on it to have a look at what is out there.

So if you’re a Tinder using, blonde, tall, swimsuit wearing girl, you could well be in with a chance of becoming Mrs Leonardo DiCaprio. For the rest of us, not so much.

Oh, and good luck to all those girls out there who now have to navigate through a sea of fake DiCaprio profiles.