Leonardo DiCaprio Thought Made In Chelsea Star Was Hotel Staff

By : Sam Ridgway |



I may aswell intro this by saying I have no idea who this guy is either, but it’s still hilarious.

Made In Chelsea ‘star’ Spencer Matthews was at a lavish party in the Caribbean, and found himself in the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio. Fair enough, that’s a pretty cool party to be at.

But when Spencer plucked up the courage to speak to the legendary actor, it didn’t really go to plan. In fact, it was pretty awkward. Brilliantly awkward.

Because after asking Leo if he was enjoying his time at the hotel and if he’d back to the island anytime soon (vom), he managed to accidentally convince DiCaprio that he worked there.

We had a chit-chat about whether he was having a lovely time, liked the hotel, whether we’d be seeing him back – I sounded like I worked at the hotel.

Fair enough, at least he can accept it!

[via Heatworld]