Lewis Hamilton Wore A Risky Shirt To Wimbledon Final, Got Barred

By : Rebecca Knight |


lh webNews/Corbis

Everyone knows that if you want to go to Wimbledon, you have to make a bit of an effort, with the all English club well known for being sticklers for their dress code.

Sadly for Lewis Hamilton, he felt it did not apply to him, and turned up to try and watch the final in a rather ‘edgy’ get up – and was told he wouldn’t be allowed in.

A spokesperson claimed:

If he [Hamilton] was not adequately dressed you could infer that he would not have been let in, but we do not comment on our guests.

If he came without a jacket, tie or shoes he would have had two choices – not staying or going to get some extra stuff.

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The grass court tournament is famous for its strict rules regarding clothing – and even the players have spoken out about how it is too strict in the past, with ultimate gentleman Roger Federer admitting things could do with being relaxed a bit.

Now, while I firmly agree with Federer in some aspects of that, especially when it comes to the players, keeping to a dress code in the royal box is probably quite important. And we’re absolutely not surprised that Hamilton was turned away in THAT shirt…