Little Girl Left At Home Deals With Burglars With A Shotgun

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Little Girl Left At Home Deals With Burglars With A Shotgun Worst Parents Gun Beer e1422992001403

When I was 11, I felt badass for using a water pistol. But this little American girl puts me to absolute shame.

Two burglars broke into a house in Michigan last week, but they didn’t realise there was an 11-year-old girl at home, and armed.

Hiding in a cupboard in the bathroom, the girl sat waiting… with a shotgun.

And when one of the burglars went into the bathroom and opened the cupboard door, she aimed it at his head. Obviously, he shit himself, and ran off.

The police found and arrested the two culprits and the county Sheriff said:

The 12-gauge shotgun is her weapon. She and her father are into hunting and avid sportsmen. She was familiar with that weapon.

She is fully capable of staying there by herself as we can clearly see based on this situation. She was able to defend herself from an intruder and be able to resolve an event even most adults would be taken aback by.

She is fully capable of making sound, good decisions, and be a protector of her home.

One thing is for certain, her dad won’t have to worry too much about future boyfriends.

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