Fury At Restaurant Serving ‘Last Meals’ Of Death Row Inmates

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Everyone loves a ‘cheeky’ Nando’s, but what about a ‘cheeky Death Row Dinner’? Hipsters have yet again strayed from the mainstream and plan on opening a pop up restaurant that serves meals requested by death row prisoners.

These inmate meals are not only a bizarre concept, but also come at an extortionate price. I can imagine charging customers a whopping £50 to eat like a prisoner is not going to go down well.

1410894494622 Image galleryImage A RESTAURANT selling Deat

Hoxton Square, East London plan to welcome this unique restaurant in November 2014. Although, due to backlash from the public, they have postponed the opening until further notice. Turns out people aren’t so keen on the idea of convict cuisine.

Not only have the restaurant planners upset people with the general concept, they have also used seedy images of apparent prisoners, like the one below, to promote the food. The majority of the backlash has come from twitter with people accusing them of being highly insensitive.

death row elite daily

If this already tragically unpopular restaurant does end up opening, it will only be for a few nights at The Penitentiary. So if you’re interested in a 5 course death row dinner for £50, head to Hoxton, East London at some point in November (or at some point in 2015).

Who knows.