Louis Theroux Thinks Documentary Stopped Jimmy Savile Abusing Children For A Year

By : Mark Foster |


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The veteran documentary maker has revealed that during the year he spent filming with Savile, no abuse claims were made by any victims.

Louis Theroux spent 10 days living with his former childhood hero, in which time he had unparalleled access to the entertainer. He has frequently spoken about his struggles in coming to terms with the fact that he didn’t uncover the dark secrets Savile hid for years.

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Speaking on comedian Richard Herring’s Leciester Square Theatre podcast, Theroux has discussed in depth the time he spent with the paedophile:

I have grappled with, as someone who made a documentary about him, spent 10 days with him and failed to reveal the fact that he was one of the most prolific sex offenders of modern times possibly. I feel a sense of responsibility. I’m trying to go back and figure out how did I miss that?

He also reveals on the podcast how he came to the conclusion that he may have had a small role in stopping Savile from abusing more children:

But there is a little bar chart where they have collated all the reported incidents of offences and do you know that [in the year] I was with him for 10 days or so, there is no victims?

Apparently during one scene in which Savile shows Theroux a room where he kept his dead mothers clothes, the film maker begins to ask about his sexual interests, but the subject is quickly changed.

Louis Theroux’s popular series “When Loius Met…” saw him living with a number of controversial characters in an attempt to better understand them.

‘When Louis Met Jimmy’ aired 11 years before Savile’s death and has often been criticised for not shedding light on his years of abuse.