Male Birth Control Pills Could Soon Be An Actual Thing

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Male Birth Control Pills Could Soon Be An Actual Thing male birth control

When it comes to staying safe in the bedroom, men only really have one option – a condom. Whereas women have a range of contraceptive solutions.

The most popular after the condom is the contraceptive pill, taken by the woman. For many years, a male version has been talked about, but it’s looked unlikely. Until now, kind of.

According to Wired, there is currently some testing going down for the male birth control pill that basically “chokes off male fertility”.

Male Birth Control Pills Could Soon Be An Actual Thing sperm 640

That sounds pretty horrible, but if the pill actually becomes a success, sh*t will hit the fan. The two pills in question are H2-gamendazole and JQ1.

H2-gamendazole works like this:

Normally, premature sperm cells grow a tail and head in the testis, but H2-gamendazole keeps them from reaching this stage of development. The unfinished sperm fragments are then reabsorbed into the testis, never ending up in the semen.

And JQ1 works like this:

JQ1 blocked a bromodomain in cancer cells, causing them to forget how to be cancer. Great. But JQ1 also obstructed a testicle-specific bromodomain called BRDT, making the sex cells that would otherwise produce sperm draw a blank about their own behavior—mice treated with JQ1 can hump with abandon yet generate zero mouselings.

Currently, it looks like H2-gamendazole is the frontrunner and will most likely be the one that becomes the official first working male contraceptive pill.

But one thing is for sure, we’re getting closer. It IS happening.

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