Man And His Dog Die After Getting Locked In His Own Car

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Man And His Dog Die After Getting Locked In His Own Car 1103

A 72 year old man died alongside his dog after he got locked inside his own car.

James Rogers from Texas died of heat exhaustion in his Corvette, afternot being able to open the electric doors or windows.

After eating in a Waffle House restaurant, James returned to his car with his dog Leia, and once he got in, he realised he was stuck.

A low battery or key fob can cause the car to lock, which is what happened. There is a manual release on the drivers side, which Rogers was obviously unaware of.

He had left his phone in the restaurant, so could not call anybody, the horn would not work because of the dead battery, and he was stuck in there for 4 hours, in 32 degrees heat.

When employees from the restaurant spotted him in the car, they tried to break the windows to get him out but couldn’t. The fire service was called to get the pair out of the car, but by the time they arrived, they were already dead. Apparently, there were clear signs that he had struggled to try and get out of the car.

On Corvette forums, there are several posts by people saying that they have been locked inside their car.

This is a really sad story, our condolences go out to Mr Rogers’ friends and family.


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