Man Arrested After Trying To Sabotage Parachute Of Wife Who Fell From 4,000ft

By : Rebecca Knight |



One 39 year old woman found herself lucky to be alive after falling 4,000 feet when her parachute failed to open as she skydived above the Salisbury Plain.

After realising something was amiss after her parachute failed to open, the woman used her reserve chute, which was enough to break her fall somewhat – but disturbingly, after police investigated, it became clear that her parachute had been tampered with after they found slinks missing, and one man, 35, has now been charged by police.

Oh, and he is thought to be her husband, who didn’t seem to want a divorce so decided on the death do us part bit of their vows instead.

parachute 1

The woman did survive but obviously suffered multiple injuries including broken bones after the fall, and in all honesty, after dropping 4,000 feet, she’s probably grateful about that.

The dude meanwhile is facing attempted murder charges after sabotaging the parachute AND the back-up, and is probably regretting his actions or at the very least, not carrying them out properly.


Daily Mail