Man On Benefits Wins £53K Porche In Spot-The-Ball Game

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Man On Benefits Wins £53K Porche In Spot The Ball Game ad 136883577

An unemployed man spent £250 of his benefit money on tickets for a spot-the-ball game – and was delighted when his gamble paid off.

Andrew Boyce, 52, of Leyton, east London, purchased 50 tickets for the game at his local shopping centre and, when the prize was drawn, found he was the winner of a brand new Porsche and £10,000 cash.

Forgetting for a moment that fortune makes no dispensation for benefit-seekers, his neighbours were keen to show their distaste at Mr Boyce’s luck.

‘It’s sickening that I have to work two jobs to feed my family and that prat is spending my taxes spotting balls,’ vented one nearby resident.

Man On Benefits Wins £53K Porche In Spot The Ball Game ad 136883575

Mr Boyce was quick to dismiss the criticism as petty jealousy. ‘I got a bit of good fortune and it’s no one’s business how that happened. What has it got to do with anyone?’

The former driver for Waltham Forest council has been receiving disability benefit since he broke his back in a 2004 car accident.

He plans to spend the money on a holiday ‘somewhere nice and hot.’