Man Called Rod Hit By Lightning For Second Time

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Man Called Rod Hit By Lightning For Second Time lightning rod WEBGetty/ABC News

A man in the U.S has been hit by lightning for the second time in 18 years, and his name just so happens to be Rod.

58-year-old Rod Wolf of Chebanse, Illinois, was standing outside his home on June 20 when a tree next to him was hit by a lightning bolt.

The charge travelled through his body but didn’t kill him, although it did leave him with broken ribs and cardiac problems.

Speaking to ABC7 Chicago, he said:

My ER doctor actually peeked her head in and said, ‘If I was you, I’d buy a lottery ticket!’ Everybody says I am a lucky person and I say how can I be a lucky person? But they say yeah, but you survived twice.

Eighteen years ago, Wolfe was hit by lightning while working in a cemetery.

His experience has, naturally, earned him the nickname ‘Lightning Rod’ from his witty, albeit slightly cruel, friends.