Man Caught Out With 5 Wives, 7 Fiancees And 5 Girlfriends

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Man Caught Out With 5 Wives, 7 Fiancees And 5 Girlfriends sonk3

This is a man who managed to convince 17 women that he was completely exclusive to them.

Sonko Tijan not only had 5 wives, he had 5 fiancees and 7 girlfriends. He also managed to juggle them smoothly while milking them all for money and a place to stay.

Austrian police had never seen anything like it, and even claimed he’d smashed previous records for infidelity. His lovers ages ranged between 22 and 44.

He was finally caught out when his wife Sonja, discovered a photo of a couple on Facebook and was incredibly suspicious when he found the man looked an awful lot like her husband.

Low and behold, it did turn out to be him after Sonja and the other woman began to exchange Facebook messages. From here, his web of lies began to surface.

“He would fascinate them with fanciful stories about his homeland in Africa and how he had fled horrific wars leaving his family behind – and later he would ask for financial assistance for them.” said Detective Patrick Maierhofer.

To be honest, it all just seems like hard work.