Man Charged With Attacking His Ex-Girlfriend With A Cornetto

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Man Charged With Attacking His Ex Girlfriend With A Cornetto 231

A man from Cornwall has admitted attacking his ex-girlfriend with a Cornetto. No, really.

Ben Lucas Moses, 20, shoved the ice cream in Katie Louise Crowle’s face and bruised her chin in the process.

The young couple had been together for four years and even had two children together. They had split up for 3 weeks prior to the incident.

After turning up to Katie’s house to try and rekindle their relationship, she told him she was seeing someone else. She also allegedly teased him, explaining how her new boyfriend was like a father to his children.

Ben instantly saw red, and picked up the first thing he could find – a Cornetto. He then proceeded to thrust it into her face, originally aiming for her mouth but hitting her chin, leaving her with a fat lip.

The couple have since squashed the beef, however Moses was fined just over £200 for the assault.