Man Chops Off Own Genitals After Mistaking Them For Rags

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Man Chops Off Own Genitals After Mistaking Them For Rags UNILAD slicing plums6Shutterstock

In one of the worst things we’ve ever read, a 62-year-old man in Ghana reportedly sliced off his own penis and testicles after he mistook them for rags.


Apparently, Opanin Kwadwo Agyei was found by his wife lying in a pool of blood, while his genitals lay by the side of his bed packaged in a polythene bag.

Agyei was obviously struggling to speak after the bizarre and horrific incident, but he did reveal that he chopped off his dangly bits because he thought they were rags. How?!



He later also claimed to Adom News that he was influenced by three devils in the night to take a knife and slash off his genitals, which actually seems more feasible than the rags thing, to be honest.

Agyei is now receiving treatment at the Dorma Ahenkoro Presbyterian hospital but, unfortunately, the doctors at the facility said they cannot stitch the genitals together which means the poor lad will have to go without them in the future.


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