Man Crashes Someone Else’s £1 Million Zonda In London

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Man Crashes Someone Elses £1 Million Zonda In London jackie

If I owned a £1 million Pagani Zonda GJ, even the slightest scratch would absolutely ruin me. I would rather not even think about borrowing it to my friend, then having it written off.

This is basically what happened in London this week, when the million dollar 214mph beast was faceplanted into a metal fence by an unidentified man.

And while he hasn’t been identified, reports suggest that the man driving it was a friend of the owner.

Man Crashes Someone Elses £1 Million Zonda In London zonda

The car – that does 62mph in 3.5 seconds – was left with some pretty damaged bodywork when its light frame encountered the steel fence, and we assume the cost to repair this thing is going to be pretty hefty.

I would not like to be in this guy’s shoes right now.