Man Forms His Own European Nation, 160K People Want To Be Citizens

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Man Forms His Own European Nation, 160K People Want To Be Citizens liberland 04 590x330

Czech politician Vit Jedlicka and two other libertarians have declared a 7 sq km stretch of land as the world’s newest sovereign state, naming it Liberland.

The stretch of land located on the west bank of the Dunube river between Serbia and Croatia, had been labelled as no man’s land due to an ongoing dispute between the two governments. However last Monday Jedlicka seized the opportunity to take control of the minuscule region, and has already emerged victorious in the nation’s inaugural election.

Liberland already has its own website, a flag, a coat of arms, and a moto: “To live and let live.”

Man Forms His Own European Nation, 160K People Want To Be Citizens %name

In the week proceeding the election Jedlicka and his team of volunteers announced they are looking for 5,000 people to become citizens of Liberland, and astonishingly they have received a 160,000 applications. Now a team of volunteers are slowly sifting through the candidates to select the best ones. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to Jedlicka stating taxation will be optional, which he believes will allow the whole region to flourish.

Jedlicka Explained:

Taxation will be optional and people will only finance specific development projects. We have to see how the foreign ministries react and we need to explain to them the kind of prosperity we can bring to the region.

It will bring in money from all over the world: not only to Liberland, which would be a tax haven, but to the whole area. We could turn this area into a Monaco, Liechtenstein or Hong Kong.

However, Liberland is already embroiled in conflict, despite being less than a month old.

Apparently another new nation, Paraduin, had already claimed the land and have since removed the flag. It remains to be seen whether Liberland will retaliate, but we could soon have the world’s smallest war on our hands. All over a 7km stretch of land. Pathetic right? It sounds like a petty family feud.