Man Gets Disciplined For Having Beer At Work, It’s Actually Far Worse Than That

By : Rebecca Knight |



One man got into a bit of trouble at work when his boss discovered a beer can on his desk and assumed he was planning on getting drunk at work.

Obviously having a cheeky one in the office isn’t exactly advised, so the guy probably expected to get into a bit of trouble if he was caught – but upon further investigation, it seems that things were far worse than originally thought.

This is what the guy’s boss handed him:


And this is what the ‘beer can’ actually was.

employee 2

Yeah, that’s a fleshlight, to be used if you get a little bit frisky in the middle of the day and if you can’t contain yourself or find an actual human being willing to help you scratch that itch, you get out your fleshlight and get it sorted.

Obviously the guy’s boss failed to actually try and open the beer or look for signs of intoxication, thankfully, and was none the wiser to what his employee actually intended on doing during his time in the toilet.