Man Is Jailed For Taking Pictures Up Women’s Skirts With Cameras In His Shoes

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Man Is Jailed For Taking Pictures Up Womens Skirts With Cameras In His Shoes Untitled 1 Recovered Recovered Recovered Recovered

A pervert in Singapore has been jailed for 9 months, after he turned himself into a walking spy camera, and filmed up the skirts of strangers.

Sng Qi Zhi is a 26 year old marketing student that hid spy camera’s in his shoes so that he could film up skirts as he walked around.

He has been filming the women for 8 years, and possessed thousands of photo’s and also 78 videos of women in the shower.

Police searched his flat, and found a variety of cameras and spy equipment.

One of his victims was a former tenant of his house, who he filmed in the shower after hiding a mobile phone on the top of the door.

Sng was arrested last year, on 200 counts of insulting the modesty of women. He was later found to have committed a further 47 offences following this.

He admitted to 10 of the counts, and was jailed for 9 months.

His lawyer said that he is seeking help and receiving counselling for his addiction.


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