Man Killed Girlfriend Then Pretended To Be Her For 2 Weeks

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Sunny Kim was a 26 year old from South Korea who spent time studying in the United States, making friends and building a life, before returning home once she had graduated.

She is also someone who has just been murdered by her boyfriend, who tried to evade arrest by posing as her for more than two weeks.

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Her boyfriend, only known as Mr Lee, eventually told police:

I killed my girlfriend and buried the body. I also tried to kill myself.

He claims to have killed her in a fit of rage and then disposed of her body, keeping her disappearance quiet from her family and friends by using her phone to contact them.

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Kim’s sister claimed:

The way that he text[ed] me was how would my sister would text.

We think he may have gone through her phone to see how she usually contacts us. It was really shocking to see how someone can really hide what they did in that way.

He has now turned himself in and is facing a court date in South Korean, while Kim’s family deal with the devastating consequences and revelation that their relationship was marred with domestic violence and stalking.